Books Published by Digger Stolz


Squire George & The Dragon. Squire George has no aptitude for (and even less interest in) being a knight, a hero or a dragonslayer. He also has no choice in the matter. It is, after all, the family business. So he shouldn’t be surprised when his father sends him off to chase after rumors of a mighty dragon in a faraway land. He shouldn’t be, but he still is. With an unfunny fool, a cursed wizard and a black-hearted knight for companions, it isn’t long before Squire George comes up against wispy zephyr-fiends, vengeful nar and single-mindedly stupid crorks. He also survives a trufflehump, befriends a bridge troll and meets an old crone to whom he might or might not be related. None of which helps prepare him to kill an unkillable dragon.


Stumbling Thru, Hike Your Own Hike. This novel follows Bartleby, a man side-swiped and laid low by life, as he embarks on a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail.  At times humorous, poignant and always bristling with detail, the story conveys what it’s  like to survive the AT.  During his trek from Georgia to Maine, Bartleby meets a lively cast of characters and experiences the best and worst of what trail life has to offer.  This is the exciting first novel in a two-part series following Bartleby’s journey from Springer to Katahdin.



StumblingThruPartIIStumbling Thru, Keepin’ On Keepin’ On. Hiking beside an ever-changing crew of companions, Bartleby continues onward towards Maine.  Follow along as he comes to grips with his past and ultimately finds it within himself to meet the future with renewed spirit.